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Complete set of four issues, all featuring early Adam Hughes covers.


Crossover series. Issue #1 has cover by J. Scott Campbell.


Issue #1 published November 1983. Complete set of all four issues. First solo series featuring The Falcon.

Complete Sets

Spawn Fan #1 #2 #3 set


ISSUE #1: First appearance of Nordik, the Viking Hellspawn. Complete set of Fan Editions #1, #2, and #3.


Set of Star Wars: Devilworlds anthology series. Features multiple stories written by Alan Moore. Both issues in fair condition. Reader copies.


#1 - Premier issue. #2 - Partial origin of The Boy. #3 - First appearance of Dr. Terminal. #4 - First appearance and origin of the White Violin. #5 - Death of Pogo. #6 - Final issue of mini-series.


Robin, issues 1 of 5, through 5 of 5. First appearances of Lynx and King Snake.


3-part DC / Dark Horse crossover series featuring Batman and Predator. All 3 issues included.

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